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Fairy Bower Dive

Fairy Bower Black Margined Nudibranch

I’m back in Fairy Bower.

Dive was between 9am to 10am and as you can see, condition was good. few different rays and lot of fishes. I need to be patient and approach more slow and gentle I think.

A few photos I’m happy with. But still lot to learn and noeeds practice.

Night Dive at Fairy Bower


Time in; 17:25

Bottom Time; 68 minutes

Max Depth; 7.6 meter

Visibility; 10 meter

Temperature; 15 degrees


I was saying “I’m looking for Frogfish.”  Do you remember this photo?






I couldn’t find what it is for a little while and someone told me it is a frogfish. But it wasn’t, it is a Striped Anglerfish I am looking for! See this link for a detail.


Obviously, I couldn’t find tonight, but I got some information that this Anglerfish can be found at Clifton Gardens, Sydney May be next time!!!

Aren’t they beautiful?



It was embarrassing. I woke up 5:45am this morning, coffee and a quick breakfast then pack everything into my car. Left home 6:45, at site 7:00.

I took 45 minutes to get ready for a dive!  After 6 weeks of none diving, getting ready was a big event.

Dive was great! As soon as get in the water, 5 squids (2 adults and 3 juvenile) cruising pass me, no evidence coz I was slow, 3 deferent nudibranchs, lots and lots of life then Port Jackson Shark, aren’t they beautiful?

It is shallow dive (max 8 meter) and I have done 10 or more dives there, but I enjoy every dive there. It is like my home dive site in Bay of Islands, NZ. I can get enough of it.

I’m still looking for a black frog fish. I might try Fairlight next time again!

Dive Dive and Gardening!

Finally I got a few shot of shy Dusky Whaler Shark!

Friends of mine and I, four of us went for a dive yesterday morning at Fairy Bower. I’ve never seen them that many before and I was thinking if I had a rebreather, can I come closer? I’ve got to work harder and I will get it!!!!

More photos on my Flickr as usual.


Thanks for awesome day, Buddies!!!




Dasky Whaler Shark

Time in; 10:12am

Dive Time; 70 minutes

Max Depth; 7.0 meter

Temperature; 20

Visibility; 12 meter




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