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Eggplant “茄子” harvest

First Nasu (Eggplant "Little Finger")

It’s been quite while since last post.

I have harvested first “茄子” Nasu (Eggplant, Little Finger)!!!!!

Now I got to find out how I’m gonna cook my first crop. Let’s Google it!!!

First Cucumber!

First Cucumber More Cucumber to come

Hey! Look at this little gem and more to come!

Just to let you know…

I’m proud of you baby!

Soy Bean


Look this little baby pod. It suppose to come out after small white flower, Can you see tiny one nearly on the bottom? I didn’t notice at all till today but there are few following this baby.



 Shungiku - Edible Chrysanthemum


I have tried some Shungiku today and it was mild taste but nice! I found out this one “Edible Chrysanthemum” wasn’t a common Japanese Shungiku but “Garland Chrysanthemum” is, and I have order some. However, taste wise I am happy with this one as well.


Start enjoying total circle of vegitable gardning mainly eating part!

Jazz, Harvest, Cooking and more!

What a nice treat from my share mate! I went to Sydney Opera House for James Morrison “Legends of Jazz Tour” (his shout!) last night. It was great! I haven’t had a decent music concert for quit sometime. Thanks bro!!!


First Harvests

Now, I had a first harvest today. Bok Choy and Komatsuna. hmmmmm fresh!
Some Bok Choy went to my neighbour for a few eggs as exchange. Komatsuna are not ready yet but I needed to thin them out.
Here are some recipes;



Quickly boiled in salted water, rinse with cold running water. Roughly Squeeze water out and mix with Mayonnaise (Japanese one, less sweet), dash of soy sauce and Japanese Rainbow chilli, finish with a sprinkle of shaved dried Bonito.


Bok Choy

Bok Choy

Stir-fry with sesame oil, add a bit of chicken stock, white pepper and garlic salt, finish with corn flour water for thickening.


For the natives!

I have installed a bird nest box and bath for the native birds. To be honest, more for me to increase a shatter chance of the good photos!

Garden Report!

Few things change recently.


First, I have rearranged gardening area to utilize the space. It looks nice and easy to work on (I have adjusted the height today).







Second, I have new Greenhouse a bit smaller than the first one. It’s got 4 mesh windows for ventilation. I hope it works this time.





Height; 2.1 meter

Width; 1.2 meter

Depth; 1.7 meter





First lot of veggies into this new greenhouse are “Bok Choy” “Coriander” “Parsley” “Thyme” and “Shiso (use to be in the big one)”


Gardening Report

This report is mainly for myself. I just wanted to have some record of my veggies.


Yesterday, I have sowed Snow Pea and Spinach “Winter Giant”

For Spinach, I have soaked the seeds in the water over night and sow them straight to planter with 2 lines like this. Made ditch about 1cm depth, placed seeds and covered with some soil.





For Snow Pea, seeds looked like coated with something (inoculants?) so I didn’t soak in the water, sow straight to the planter about 2~3cm depth like below.





Both are winter veggies so I hope come out alright.


Tomato “Money Maker” and Soy bean has move to little Growhouse since they are summer veggies and loves direct sun.






Daikon, Bok Choy and Cucumber looks good.








All those work I still haven’t got anyting to eat yet but it’s quite relaxing and lot of fun. I have ordered some more seeds, Shungiku and Shiso. Shungiku is called Crown Daisy and Shiso is Perilla in English. I can’t wait for them!!!!




It’s my little Greenhouse!

My Little Geenhouse


I was looking for a Greenhouse slightly bigger like the one NZ Chef has. But I couldn’t find one around here other than this “Grow House” $29.95, H: 1500mm, W: 1000mm, D: 500mm, so I got a galvanized shelf $19.95 for this. Looks like big enough for what I do. I’m happy, I might get another one for growing tomato.





I have sowed Daikon (Japanese white radish), Moneymaker (Tomato), Naganegi (Onion without bulb) and Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage) in a news paper pot which Naïve Zebra taught me. Now I might prepare soybeans for sowing. I hope it works.

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