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Pumpkin Bread with walnuts

Pumpkin Bread

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Look this! I think I got it.

Finally, I have succeeded on making bread!!!

This bread idea started from a left over frozen pumpkin soup I made few weeks ago, I wanted to use it somehow and I thought about pumpkin bread, and it came out quite moist(not soggy) and heavy, my friends liked it but I didn’t. I wanted to make fluffy bread! I tried white bread with crushed peanuts last week and it came out the same. I googled few recipe for some idea how, and I couldn’t find much. Only way to find out is to keep trying until get it right. So I tried white bread with sesame this time and came out like this!


Sesami Bread


One method I changed was I didn’t knead the dough between first rise and second rise. I don’t still know if this was the reason but soon find it out. Revenge for a pumpkin bread! It is on first rise now so wait and see!

It’s my little Greenhouse!

My Little Geenhouse


I was looking for a Greenhouse slightly bigger like the one NZ Chef has. But I couldn’t find one around here other than this “Grow House” $29.95, H: 1500mm, W: 1000mm, D: 500mm, so I got a galvanized shelf $19.95 for this. Looks like big enough for what I do. I’m happy, I might get another one for growing tomato.





I have sowed Daikon (Japanese white radish), Moneymaker (Tomato), Naganegi (Onion without bulb) and Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage) in a news paper pot which Naïve Zebra taught me. Now I might prepare soybeans for sowing. I hope it works.



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I just realized that I started this blog to talk about Diving. But now, I got not only diving but Photos and Gardening (foods) as well so might need to change the subtitle hmuuuuuuuuuu………, I need to think.

I have found the Soya Bean Seeds today on the web at Green Harvest and order some along with others like Japanese radish, Bok Choy and Tomato. Now I need to Google how to look after them.

Anyway, when I went walking my friend’s dog “Leo” yesterday afternoon, I saw beautiful sunset so I got few shots. This is the other benefit from new camera that I start see things I have been missing or never noticed or deferent way. Here is one of them!

VGS (Vegetable Garden Syndrome)


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Since Naïve Zebra visited me, I got affected by VGS (Vegetable Garden Syndrome). Now I got Basil, Coriander, Chili, Shallot, Chive, Garlic Chive, Parsley, Rosemary and Kaffir Lime tree. What’s next? Actually, I’m thinking to get “Edamame” next. “Edamame” is the common dish in Japanese cuisines which is immature soya beans in the pod boiled in water with salt and served whole, it’s yammy!!!!!!!!!
So I have searched on the net to find a soya bean seeds, but only one company has on their online store listed but unavailable at this moment. Local garden centre guy told me that it might be out of season. Muhhhhhhh, what’s next then? I will look for some Japanese veggies.

Oh! I went for a dive this morning and uploaded few photos on my Flickr!

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