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Hunter’s Bay, Balmoral

Finally I got the new camera, UW housing, strobe and lenses. So tonight was the first try at Hunter’s Bay.

I was little bit under weighted for photo shoot specially in the shallow (just a excuse) so I didn’t get much photos. But I will update on the weekend with introducing my new camera set.

See you soon!


Clifton Garden

No Camera yet so no photo.

It was nice dive at Clifton Garden last night. I have don’t many dives there before bot night dive is best I recon.

Lots of macro staff there, I definitely coming back when I got the camera.

Where are you? my camera?

Queenscliff Bay

Queenscliff Bay Dive

Camera is still on its way.

This is my dive profile we went on last Thursday night.

It was little bit surgy but enjoyable dive especially after 80 minutes dive on the sand bed last week. You can see the big difference on life style there. Hinge Back Shrimps (I believe) and big eyes are out everywhere, octopus is out from their hole for a hunt and Blue Groper is sleeping behind the rocks. I need to come back here when I got the camera. It need to be little calmer so not much surge and no stir up the sand.

I can’t wait!

Night Dives

My dive buddy and I decide to go night dive every Wednesday. First one was scheduled on 1 April but weather turned wet, anyway we went to the site “Obelisk Beach”, near HMAS Penguin, and saw the beach was wild so postponed to Sunday night.

It was good condition on Sunday, we had look around for 75 minutes both side of beach. East side was bit more interesting with giant cuttlefish and big Wobbegong shark which I didn’t see.

Wednesday 8 April, we went to Taylors Bay to find a wreck which sitting somewhere at the depth of 10m to 15 m.

We headed for SE for 30 minutes, SW for 10 minutes, NW for 30 minutes then NE for 10 minutes. Navigation was spot on but we didn’t see a thing. we need to get more information for that wreck.

Sorry, no photos. I can’t wait for my new camera to arrive!

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