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Leaf-tailed Gecko

Leaf-tailed Gecko

I hope everyone had a good Christmas day with your love ones.

I am spending my holiday relaxing and bit of gardening, nothing special.

Here is the photo of a little visitor “Leaf-tailed Gecko” on a window last night.

TSS Currajong

TSS Currajong Direction TSS Currajong Dive

I got a phone call from my dive buddy “Go for dive?”

I am quite lazy and I usually say No to those spontaneous invitation. But I said “YES” with no hesitation. I think I needed to have a decent dive since last wreck dive.

High tide is 9:05am, bit windy but beautiful sunny day. Usual procedures head out from Bradley Head light house on 120 degrees for about 10 minutes and hang left and the TSS Currajong should be there. ????? Where is she??? We should be about 23 meters of water but it was bit shallower so bit of adjustment towards deeper water and there she is!!! You might be able to see on my other photos on Flickr, bit of current was running and my buoyancy wasn’t good at all.

I’m not happy with photos but it was great day after all!

Eggplant “茄子” harvest

First Nasu (Eggplant "Little Finger")

It’s been quite while since last post.

I have harvested first “茄子” Nasu (Eggplant, Little Finger)!!!!!

Now I got to find out how I’m gonna cook my first crop. Let’s Google it!!!

Location hunting

Skillion Cave Dive Entry Point Terrigal, Pelican

I felt like a little drive so I went to Terrigal for researching the dive site “SKillion Cave” last weekend.

Terrigal is nice little beach town about 45 minutes drive up north.

The dive entry point is easy access but exit might be a little problem unless in the calm conditions or all of us dive on a twin tanks so we can dive around to the beach.

I will be back in January for a dive!

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