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Dive 24/FEB/08

Dive 24/FEB/08

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It was beautiful day again. I woke up quarter to seven this morning and in the water by 8am. I couldn’t wait to try Canon again. It was happening everywhere and lot of friendly or curious fishes as you can see on my photos. Shallow water and visibility helps lot for a result. Quite bluey but all good. I felt like I was a tourist diver wanted capture everything I see. I was so excited and I didn’t want leave water. Scubagran, you know that feeling don’t you! I ended the dive because I was so hungry. It is important to have good breakfast before you dive.
You know what? I think I love diving!

I have decided to up load all my photos instead of selected ones for back up purpose. Please enjoy!


Touristic Photos

The Corso, Manly

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It’s been quite while.

I have been thinking these things for a while not too serious but constantly; why I’m here? What I’m doing? What I want to do?
I haven’t found an answer for these yet. So I wasn’t motivated to do anything and staying at home on every weekend doing nothing particular but browsing webs and playing on the computer. Even when someone asking to go out, I was saying “I have things to sort out on my computer” (excuse), I didn’t like myself doing this.
I had to push really hard to kick myself out of computer desk and go night dive yesterday. I had a good dive and happy with new toys but wasn’t happy with the result of photos.

This morning, beautiful day, I had to do three road of washing. Hang all washing on line in the back yard and went out to Manly walking around for about 4 hours taking photos (lot of touristic snap shots though). I haven’t had that feeling for a long time that I couldn’t wait to do something.

Only little camera made me so active and I was so motivated to practice more. Thanks Canon! I have all photos, good or not, up on Flickr.

I still haven’t found the answer yet but I’m happier now so at least I don’t need to think about it for little while.

Happy shooting everyone!

The View!


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Hey Naive Zebra, this is the view from my computer desk today!

Nice day for a dive!


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First Dive for my new toys. I went Fairlight again to try out my new Canon and Dive Rite Light. I was wishing to find the black anglerfish again, but no luck for that. Camera housing has no leak, easy to see the big screen, easy operation but still need more practice. Photos aren’t that good as I could get with old Sony. Funny isn’t it.
I started dusk so I wasn’t impressed with new light but when gets dark, mate! it’s awesome!!!! It is because this HID valve light color is close to sun so it didn’t stand out when you still have some day light. Anyway it is far better than my video light only last for Max 30 minutes instead of 4 hours on my new toy and brighter.
Scubagran, You have enough handy cap until I get used to this camera as you can see on my new UW photos.

New life of Basil

New life of Basil

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This is my first dry shot attempt for long time, but quality of camera makes quite big difference doesn’t it. Of course these 4 are out of lots.
It’s quit hard to make a frame without nudibranchs and fishes. Chilies were here when I moved in and my share mate Thomas planted those Basil, coriander and Mint for his Thai food recipe.

Why no underwater shot today like I said yesterday?
You know!, my German friend prepared a German dish for me for dinner, of course I can’t have them without BEER!!!!!!! That’s rude! So no dive again, I will get there some time. What is most important rule for scuba diving?

Don’t hold your breath!!!

NOKIA 1100

NOKIA 1100

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I don’t know why now?!

Most of you already know that my PC has died end of last November, so I had to buy new one then old PC revived just before new one arrived. Then I bought couple of toys (I didn’t have to but I just did it), then my cell phone NOKIA 1100’s back light was on when I woke up at 6am this morning. I set alarm on it every morning and it lights up with alarm when time comes, but there was no sound, no display nothing. I have tried everything I can think of refreshing it. Can’t call, can’t receive a call nothing. I have to buy new one, why now? What’s next?

Anyway I already have ordered one through Vodafone online shop which I could find cheapest new phone in quick. New one is NOKIA 2310 Basic phone, no MP3 player, no camera but calls and text all I need for AU$67 include new SIM card which I don’t need but $10 credit on it that I don’t mind, shipping fee. I think pretty reasonable. It wasn’t too bad damage. Grrr, sorry missed your call. That was the reason. My phone should be arriving tomorrow.

When I come home, my share mate had prepared for dinner, beautiful German dish, mmmmuuuh yummy I love this, I even forgot to take a photo to show you, may be next time.

It was nice day after all!!!!

New Toy!

New Toy!

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This made me so happy even it was Monday morning. Of course I couldn’t spend much time playing with my camera at work. It’s so small but contains lot more than my old Sony Cyber Shot. Technology is growing so fast. I was taking different shots in deferent settings at home finding out what I can do. You know what? It will take so long to see what it can do, but it’s fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully, I can try housing only tomorrow night with new light. And go photo dive on the weekend in the day light. I hope lazy bug won’t bite me this time ( I believe I have enough motivation for it).

Hey Grrr, Scubagran and Silverfox, Photo competition is on now. I will try dry photos as well!

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