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SS Annie M Miller Dive

SS Annie M Miller Dive

It was first time on this wreck SS Annie M Miller. It is a small wreck but it is interesting as quite lot of life on it.

As you can see my UW housing survived for second time.  I difinitly need strobe for this depth, may be next time????

SS Dee Why

SS Dee Why

Where is wreck?

Yes I know.  I had a enjoyable dive on SS Dee Why on Friday morning and I had a camera with me this time. But I didn’t get any good photos. This is the best shot of the day I guess. I need more dives to get used to this depth.

I took few video clip which I will post on my Flicker later.

SS Birchgrove Park (ex-HMAS Birchgrove Park)


Photo from Michael McFadyen’s Scuba Diving Web Site

I was on my rotation day off. Most of people enjoy the sleep in for your day off, but I was up quarter to 5 this morning getting ready for a dive on the SS Birchgrove Park.

Weather was perfect, picked my buddy up and arrived at the boat pick up point Little Manly at 6am. Gear up and suit up for a 6:30 pick up, talking with other divers about the dive, 6:45 still not sign of the boat, keep talking, 7:00 still not, everyone start wondering if the trip was cancelled. 7:10 finally boat arrived.

10 divers total. Everyone knows everyone even new Tec diver like me knew most of them.

4 in my team, dive was great. It was my first dive on this wreck, so I was trying to picture myself which part is which. Did I success? No. I was so excited and went in where ever I could get in and just had fun.

It was over 40 metre dive so I didn’t take my camera but one of my team member took Sony Cyber Shot with 40 metre rated housing with him and saying it’s been no problem. I might take the housing only next deep dive to see if it works. If it’s OK then I can take photos on those wrecks around Sydney!

Coolooli again!


Photo from Michael McFadyen’s Scuba Diving Web Site

I realized I haven’t been diving for more than 5 weeks. Last dive was the last training dive for my DSAT Tec Deep Diver course. It actually was at Coolooli.

So I booked 2 dives on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was with my buddy AB and Sunday was with guys from my course.

Both days happened to be Coolooli again. I was expecting somewhere else on Sunday but end up the same.

But you know, I like Coolooli!

I enjoyed both dives.

So what’s next?

Yum Cha 飲茶

China Town

I went to China Town for Yum Cha 飲茶 with my share mate last weekend.

Where is the photo of the foods?

Sorry I was so hungry and all foods were gone by the time I remember about camera. It has been a while since I had Yum Cha last time. I think I got to have more often.

After the Yum Cha, we wondered around Darling Harbour for a while and saw this Unicycle performer. He talks a lot of jokes which wasn’t a good one but performance wasn’t bad.

Unicycle performer

The Valiant Dive

New Species

I woke up 7:30 this morning. It was beautiful blue sky! Good day for a dive! But it turned bit windy so I call up and checked if it still go? Yes, and they said it’s not too bad out there.

We headed to the Palm Beach to go for the dive on the one of Sydney wreck called the Valiant. We gathered at Palm Beach wharf at 12 noon and get on the boat and left around 13:00. At the site, skipper looked for the marker buoy for about 15~20 minutes but no success so they decided to throw a shot line using GPS coordinates.

Here we come, we descended following the shot line till we saw the end of shot line with no weight but short light chain at 15 meters, the wreck is suppose to be at 27 meter depth. We looked up and the other buddy pair came down with extra shot line so we continued descended to the bottom. ????? No wreck around. My dive computer was telling me it is only 22 meters. What the hxxx? We searched around about 30 minutes but no sign of the Valiant at all and we couldn’t get deeper than 23.5 meters. It was flat sand bottom with nothing but sand and salt water around you.

We start ascending and thinking about re-try again on the second dive, but it was quite rough when we got to the surface and the skipper decided to cancel the second dive due to rough sea.

Hmuuuuuu… I got wet but it was disappointed. At least the dive centre refunded us full amount since they couldn’t find the wreck.

Let’s hope for the next time!


Whites Seahorse

First dive since I came back from Japan.

Nice beautiful worm day, summer is around the corner!

“Clifton Garden” is the site has more chance seeing a Stripe Angler Fish. I didn’t see today though, but according to Michael McFadyen’s Web Site, site becomes better (more chance) at night. I will come back at night soon!

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