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My Garden

While I was away, my share mate looked after my garden and did really well. At the same time weather was getting warmer so all veggies grown so quick.

Daikon was even flowering big time but the Daikon itself (root) was small and too tough to eat. I was thinking what was wrong, too crowded when it was in the seedling stage? Soil? Watering?

After few researching on the internet, I found it might be that I sowed the seeds too early. Apparently, Daikon doesn’t like to get cold. Now I have sowed some Daikon last weekend and I’m hoping it works this time!

Go Daikon Go!!!!


Daikon Re-plant

It’s been quite while since I sow Daikon. Some of the leaves grow big and high but root hasn’t grown much. I believe they are too close to each other, so I re-planted into new planter. It looks so tired but it will recover in the couple of days. I hope this works!


Daikon Planter

Gardening Report

This report is mainly for myself. I just wanted to have some record of my veggies.


Yesterday, I have sowed Snow Pea and Spinach “Winter Giant”

For Spinach, I have soaked the seeds in the water over night and sow them straight to planter with 2 lines like this. Made ditch about 1cm depth, placed seeds and covered with some soil.





For Snow Pea, seeds looked like coated with something (inoculants?) so I didn’t soak in the water, sow straight to the planter about 2~3cm depth like below.





Both are winter veggies so I hope come out alright.


Tomato “Money Maker” and Soy bean has move to little Growhouse since they are summer veggies and loves direct sun.






Daikon, Bok Choy and Cucumber looks good.








All those work I still haven’t got anyting to eat yet but it’s quite relaxing and lot of fun. I have ordered some more seeds, Shungiku and Shiso. Shungiku is called Crown Daisy and Shiso is Perilla in English. I can’t wait for them!!!!




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