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Garden Report!

Few things change recently.


First, I have rearranged gardening area to utilize the space. It looks nice and easy to work on (I have adjusted the height today).







Second, I have new Greenhouse a bit smaller than the first one. It’s got 4 mesh windows for ventilation. I hope it works this time.





Height; 2.1 meter

Width; 1.2 meter

Depth; 1.7 meter





First lot of veggies into this new greenhouse are “Bok Choy” “Coriander” “Parsley” “Thyme” and “Shiso (use to be in the big one)”



What I’m looking for is…….


It’s been a while since I went diving and I almost forgot I wanted find something.
What I’m looking for is this;


Frog fish I believe. I have been diving around here for about 2 years over 70 dives but saw only once. Apparently, it can be found in Shelly Beach and Fairy Bower. I need to try harder.
As you can see on my flickr, I didn’t find them this time but I found this instead;


It is Resch’s Limited Sydney Beer bottle used between 1910-1929.
It might be my new hobby collecting those thing.

My Garden “New Look”

My Garden "New Look"

Originally uploaded by Scuba-Ninja

I’m back!
Finally, we had a sun shine on the weekend!
I made little change on my garden as you can see. Height needs to be adjusted but looks OK.
Bok Choy will be ready any time, it’s like a baby baby Bok Choy. The rest doing alright but still take a while to be a food.

I got another Greenhouse. It is little smaller than last one. Big one had a temperature problem that it goes up to over 40℃ in the day time. New one has 4 little mesh windows to be able to adjust the temperature. I hope it works this time.

Vegie Report!

Woops, I didn’t say anything about gardening.


I have sowed Shungiku and Shiso yesterday and Komatsuna and Hakusai today.

Shungigu in 3 lines. For the rest, sprinkled evenly and covered slitly. I made two shiso pots and placed one in the greenhouse and one outside. Will see which one comes first.



Shungiku  Shiso Shiso  Hakusai & Komatsuna

Shungiku                             Shiso                   Hakusai & Komatsuna



Winter Giant and Snow Pea has come out already. I need to start thinking about the recipe for it!


Winter Giant   Snow Pea

Dive Dive and Gardening!

Finally I got a few shot of shy Dusky Whaler Shark!

Friends of mine and I, four of us went for a dive yesterday morning at Fairy Bower. I’ve never seen them that many before and I was thinking if I had a rebreather, can I come closer? I’ve got to work harder and I will get it!!!!

More photos on my Flickr as usual.


Thanks for awesome day, Buddies!!!




Dasky Whaler Shark

Time in; 10:12am

Dive Time; 70 minutes

Max Depth; 7.0 meter

Temperature; 20

Visibility; 12 meter




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