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Whites Seahorse

First dive since I came back from Japan.

Nice beautiful worm day, summer is around the corner!

“Clifton Garden” is the site has more chance seeing a Stripe Angler Fish. I didn’t see today though, but according to Michael McFadyen’s Web Site, site becomes better (more chance) at night. I will come back at night soon!


Unexpected Visitor

The Visitor



I had a visitor on last Sunday.

It was first time seeing Kookaburra this close since I moved in to this house over 2 years ago.


Isn’t she beautiful!



My Garden

While I was away, my share mate looked after my garden and did really well. At the same time weather was getting warmer so all veggies grown so quick.

Daikon was even flowering big time but the Daikon itself (root) was small and too tough to eat. I was thinking what was wrong, too crowded when it was in the seedling stage? Soil? Watering?

After few researching on the internet, I found it might be that I sowed the seeds too early. Apparently, Daikon doesn’t like to get cold. Now I have sowed some Daikon last weekend and I’m hoping it works this time!

Go Daikon Go!!!!

Lots of Sake!


It was great three weeks in Japan.

I feel like I spent most of time in Izakaya type restaurant eating Japanese food and drinking Shochu.

My holiday started with nice relax time with my family, we haven’t seen each other for more than four years but that time gap has disappeared as soon as see each other. I also went for Ohakamairi (Visiting ancestor’s graveyard to pay respect) with about 15 relatives followed by big lunch (Lot of drinks with it obviously).

IMG_3881 IMG_3874

And I went for 2 days diving at Izu peninsula. First day at Mikomoto (神子元) was bit rough weather but awesome. But I didn’t see much and it was a drift dive so I couldn’t take many photos other than bubbles. Apparently, school of Hammerhead Sharks has been spotted at the site often for last 2 weeks, damn it.

Second day was cancelled due to weather (Typhoon Number 15) and search operation for a missing crayfisher man. Now I have good excuse to go back there again, I can’t wait!

IMG_3919 IMG_3927 IMG_4088

After the diving trip, I went into the endless night life (I felt like) to catch up with as many my friends as possible. Of course with great Japanese foods and Imo Shochu (Japanese vodka made of Sweet potato).

It was awesome trip. I needed whole one week to recover from it though.

International Clean Up Day 2008

I’m back on line.

I was on 3 weeks holiday in Japan, and I couldn’t update my blog due to slow internet connection at my parent’s place.

Anyway, let’s start with Beach Cleanup on 20 September.


International Clean Up Day 2008


Dive Centre Manly and Project AWARE Asia Pacific held a Beach cleanup at Manly cove. It was beautiful day and I was gutted I didn’t get wet. I needed my wetsuit to be dry for flying to Japan next day. Lot of people came along to help clean our beach (including underwater).

If you interested in beach cleanup or another underwater environments conservation activities, please visit Project AWARE.

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