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The Valiant Dive

New Species

I woke up 7:30 this morning. It was beautiful blue sky! Good day for a dive! But it turned bit windy so I call up and checked if it still go? Yes, and they said it’s not too bad out there.

We headed to the Palm Beach to go for the dive on the one of Sydney wreck called the Valiant. We gathered at Palm Beach wharf at 12 noon and get on the boat and left around 13:00. At the site, skipper looked for the marker buoy for about 15~20 minutes but no success so they decided to throw a shot line using GPS coordinates.

Here we come, we descended following the shot line till we saw the end of shot line with no weight but short light chain at 15 meters, the wreck is suppose to be at 27 meter depth. We looked up and the other buddy pair came down with extra shot line so we continued descended to the bottom. ????? No wreck around. My dive computer was telling me it is only 22 meters. What the hxxx? We searched around about 30 minutes but no sign of the Valiant at all and we couldn’t get deeper than 23.5 meters. It was flat sand bottom with nothing but sand and salt water around you.

We start ascending and thinking about re-try again on the second dive, but it was quite rough when we got to the surface and the skipper decided to cancel the second dive due to rough sea.

Hmuuuuuu… I got wet but it was disappointed. At least the dive centre refunded us full amount since they couldn’t find the wreck.

Let’s hope for the next time!


First Cucumber!

First Cucumber More Cucumber to come

Hey! Look at this little gem and more to come!

Just to let you know…

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