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Mt. Victoria

The Blair Athol Mine The Blair Athol Mine

We went to Mt. Victoria again.

Please see DSAT Blog for the last Blair Athol dive.

I was there for some more photos because I was so tired from carrying the dive gear last time, but I end up carrying the tanks again. I couldn’t watch my buddy suffering.

I think he will write a report on the DSAT Chat so keep eye on it!

Oh! I didn’t write anything last week but I have completed the DSAT Tec Level One on the last Sunday.

We had 4 boat dives on last week end. All skills went really well. However, my buoyancy wasn’t so good few occasions. I need more practice and experience.

2 weeks off and the rest of Tec Deep Course will start 17 July and finishes 26 July. I will  become Tec Diver if everything goes well.

This DSAT Tec Deep Course is challenging but lot of fun at the same time. I would recommend this course if you looking for more in diving adventure!

Night Dives

My dive buddy and I decide to go night dive every Wednesday. First one was scheduled on 1 April but weather turned wet, anyway we went to the site “Obelisk Beach”, near HMAS Penguin, and saw the beach was wild so postponed to Sunday night.

It was good condition on Sunday, we had look around for 75 minutes both side of beach. East side was bit more interesting with giant cuttlefish and big Wobbegong shark which I didn’t see.

Wednesday 8 April, we went to Taylors Bay to find a wreck which sitting somewhere at the depth of 10m to 15 m.

We headed for SE for 30 minutes, SW for 10 minutes, NW for 30 minutes then NE for 10 minutes. Navigation was spot on but we didn’t see a thing. we need to get more information for that wreck.

Sorry, no photos. I can’t wait for my new camera to arrive!

New Zealand

Deep Water Cove Canterbury

It’s been a while since my last post.

I can’t remember what I was doing for that time till the end of February. Nothing exciting anyway.

I had a awesome holiday in Paihia New Zealand from 28 February to 17 March, catching up with my friends and few dives.

Diving on the HMNZS Canterbury F421 was the highlight of this trip. I missed out of the sinking in November 2007 ( I was there in October 2007 for that but they changed the schedule due to the weather). She is now lies on 37 meter sheltered place in the Deep Water Cove, Bay Of Islands. Her length is 113.4 metres beam 13 metres with a draught of 5.6 metres with a displacement of 3182 tonnes. I had a few dives but it wasn’t enough so I might come back in November for more! I have realized that I need a proper strobe and wide lenses for the photo like this.

Dive on the White Rock was a bit surprise for me as this site use to be nothig special, but now it was surrounded by all sort of fish and really colorful site. Black Rocks was awesome as usual.

Thanks for all my friends and Porpoise Dive for everything!

P.S. Holiday was great but I lost my camera on the way home. I have contacted Air New Zealand as I thought I lost it on the plane, and the lady on the phone was really helpful trying to find it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it in the end but Thank you Air New Zealand!

Now I am busy sorting out what I’m gonna buy, I will report it later!

Location hunting

Skillion Cave Dive Entry Point Terrigal, Pelican

I felt like a little drive so I went to Terrigal for researching the dive site “SKillion Cave” last weekend.

Terrigal is nice little beach town about 45 minutes drive up north.

The dive entry point is easy access but exit might be a little problem unless in the calm conditions or all of us dive on a twin tanks so we can dive around to the beach.

I will be back in January for a dive!

Lots of Sake!


It was great three weeks in Japan.

I feel like I spent most of time in Izakaya type restaurant eating Japanese food and drinking Shochu.

My holiday started with nice relax time with my family, we haven’t seen each other for more than four years but that time gap has disappeared as soon as see each other. I also went for Ohakamairi (Visiting ancestor’s graveyard to pay respect) with about 15 relatives followed by big lunch (Lot of drinks with it obviously).

IMG_3881 IMG_3874

And I went for 2 days diving at Izu peninsula. First day at Mikomoto (神子元) was bit rough weather but awesome. But I didn’t see much and it was a drift dive so I couldn’t take many photos other than bubbles. Apparently, school of Hammerhead Sharks has been spotted at the site often for last 2 weeks, damn it.

Second day was cancelled due to weather (Typhoon Number 15) and search operation for a missing crayfisher man. Now I have good excuse to go back there again, I can’t wait!

IMG_3919 IMG_3927 IMG_4088

After the diving trip, I went into the endless night life (I felt like) to catch up with as many my friends as possible. Of course with great Japanese foods and Imo Shochu (Japanese vodka made of Sweet potato).

It was awesome trip. I needed whole one week to recover from it though.

What I’m looking for is…….


It’s been a while since I went diving and I almost forgot I wanted find something.
What I’m looking for is this;


Frog fish I believe. I have been diving around here for about 2 years over 70 dives but saw only once. Apparently, it can be found in Shelly Beach and Fairy Bower. I need to try harder.
As you can see on my flickr, I didn’t find them this time but I found this instead;


It is Resch’s Limited Sydney Beer bottle used between 1910-1929.
It might be my new hobby collecting those thing.

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