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Last Thursday

On last Thursday, I needed to go to city so I took bit of a tourist shots.

And I found my first Snow Pea! Yee Hah~~~! …….but I can’t make any meal out of only one Snow Pea. Umhuuuuu…



Sydney Opera House First Snow Pea

Daikon Re-plant

It’s been quite while since I sow Daikon. Some of the leaves grow big and high but root hasn’t grown much. I believe they are too close to each other, so I re-planted into new planter. It looks so tired but it will recover in the couple of days. I hope this works!


Daikon Planter

Did you know….?



Known as Japanese Mustard Spinach “Komatsuna” but is actually neither mustard nor a spinach, for its scientific classification is Brassica rapa var perviridis which places it only in the same family of plants.

This is my favorite, so I have 2 big new planters full and some more this time.

Spinach and Shungiku (chrysanthemum) will be harvested for a BBQ next weekend. After that no veggies to harvest for a little while.


Night Dive at Fairy Bower


Time in; 17:25

Bottom Time; 68 minutes

Max Depth; 7.6 meter

Visibility; 10 meter

Temperature; 15 degrees


I was saying “I’m looking for Frogfish.”  Do you remember this photo?






I couldn’t find what it is for a little while and someone told me it is a frogfish. But it wasn’t, it is a Striped Anglerfish I am looking for! See this link for a detail.


Obviously, I couldn’t find tonight, but I got some information that this Anglerfish can be found at Clifton Gardens, Sydney May be next time!!!

Aren’t they beautiful?



It was embarrassing. I woke up 5:45am this morning, coffee and a quick breakfast then pack everything into my car. Left home 6:45, at site 7:00.

I took 45 minutes to get ready for a dive!  After 6 weeks of none diving, getting ready was a big event.

Dive was great! As soon as get in the water, 5 squids (2 adults and 3 juvenile) cruising pass me, no evidence coz I was slow, 3 deferent nudibranchs, lots and lots of life then Port Jackson Shark, aren’t they beautiful?

It is shallow dive (max 8 meter) and I have done 10 or more dives there, but I enjoy every dive there. It is like my home dive site in Bay of Islands, NZ. I can get enough of it.

I’m still looking for a black frog fish. I might try Fairlight next time again!

It’s been long time!

 Tomato Flower Snow Pea Flower Bok Choy Flower

I haven’t had much to tell for a little while. Now I got few thing, firstly My Tomato, Snow Pea and Bok Choy got flower. (Bok Choy flower is for seeds.) Snow Pea grown quite big and I was waiting for this for a long time, But I need to wait more for a harvest. How long do I need to wait????


New Style Planter

Secondly I want to introduce my new style planter. As you can see this is a Fish Bin (AU$12). The planter behind, it is about third of the size for AU$14. It seems to be working good so far. I’m planning to swap the entire planter to this new style so I can utilise the space better.

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