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Known as Japanese Mustard Spinach “Komatsuna” but is actually neither mustard nor a spinach, for its scientific classification is Brassica rapa var perviridis which places it only in the same family of plants.

This is my favorite, so I have 2 big new planters full and some more this time.

Spinach and Shungiku (chrysanthemum) will be harvested for a BBQ next weekend. After that no veggies to harvest for a little while.



Jazz, Harvest, Cooking and more!

What a nice treat from my share mate! I went to Sydney Opera House for James Morrison “Legends of Jazz Tour” (his shout!) last night. It was great! I haven’t had a decent music concert for quit sometime. Thanks bro!!!


First Harvests

Now, I had a first harvest today. Bok Choy and Komatsuna. hmmmmm fresh!
Some Bok Choy went to my neighbour for a few eggs as exchange. Komatsuna are not ready yet but I needed to thin them out.
Here are some recipes;



Quickly boiled in salted water, rinse with cold running water. Roughly Squeeze water out and mix with Mayonnaise (Japanese one, less sweet), dash of soy sauce and Japanese Rainbow chilli, finish with a sprinkle of shaved dried Bonito.


Bok Choy

Bok Choy

Stir-fry with sesame oil, add a bit of chicken stock, white pepper and garlic salt, finish with corn flour water for thickening.


For the natives!

I have installed a bird nest box and bath for the native birds. To be honest, more for me to increase a shatter chance of the good photos!

Vegie Report!

Woops, I didn’t say anything about gardening.


I have sowed Shungiku and Shiso yesterday and Komatsuna and Hakusai today.

Shungigu in 3 lines. For the rest, sprinkled evenly and covered slitly. I made two shiso pots and placed one in the greenhouse and one outside. Will see which one comes first.



Shungiku  Shiso Shiso  Hakusai & Komatsuna

Shungiku                             Shiso                   Hakusai & Komatsuna



Winter Giant and Snow Pea has come out already. I need to start thinking about the recipe for it!


Winter Giant   Snow Pea

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