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I’m proud of you baby!

Soy Bean


Look this little baby pod. It suppose to come out after small white flower, Can you see tiny one nearly on the bottom? I didn’t notice at all till today but there are few following this baby.



 Shungiku - Edible Chrysanthemum


I have tried some Shungiku today and it was mild taste but nice! I found out this one “Edible Chrysanthemum” wasn’t a common Japanese Shungiku but “Garland Chrysanthemum” is, and I have order some. However, taste wise I am happy with this one as well.


Start enjoying total circle of vegitable gardning mainly eating part!


Vegie Report!

Woops, I didn’t say anything about gardening.


I have sowed Shungiku and Shiso yesterday and Komatsuna and Hakusai today.

Shungigu in 3 lines. For the rest, sprinkled evenly and covered slitly. I made two shiso pots and placed one in the greenhouse and one outside. Will see which one comes first.



Shungiku  Shiso Shiso  Hakusai & Komatsuna

Shungiku                             Shiso                   Hakusai & Komatsuna



Winter Giant and Snow Pea has come out already. I need to start thinking about the recipe for it!


Winter Giant   Snow Pea

Gardening Report

This report is mainly for myself. I just wanted to have some record of my veggies.


Yesterday, I have sowed Snow Pea and Spinach “Winter Giant”

For Spinach, I have soaked the seeds in the water over night and sow them straight to planter with 2 lines like this. Made ditch about 1cm depth, placed seeds and covered with some soil.





For Snow Pea, seeds looked like coated with something (inoculants?) so I didn’t soak in the water, sow straight to the planter about 2~3cm depth like below.





Both are winter veggies so I hope come out alright.


Tomato “Money Maker” and Soy bean has move to little Growhouse since they are summer veggies and loves direct sun.






Daikon, Bok Choy and Cucumber looks good.








All those work I still haven’t got anyting to eat yet but it’s quite relaxing and lot of fun. I have ordered some more seeds, Shungiku and Shiso. Shungiku is called Crown Daisy and Shiso is Perilla in English. I can’t wait for them!!!!




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