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Yum Cha 飲茶

China Town

I went to China Town for Yum Cha 飲茶 with my share mate last weekend.

Where is the photo of the foods?

Sorry I was so hungry and all foods were gone by the time I remember about camera. It has been a while since I had Yum Cha last time. I think I got to have more often.

After the Yum Cha, we wondered around Darling Harbour for a while and saw this Unicycle performer. He talks a lot of jokes which wasn’t a good one but performance wasn’t bad.

Unicycle performer


Lots of Sake!


It was great three weeks in Japan.

I feel like I spent most of time in Izakaya type restaurant eating Japanese food and drinking Shochu.

My holiday started with nice relax time with my family, we haven’t seen each other for more than four years but that time gap has disappeared as soon as see each other. I also went for Ohakamairi (Visiting ancestor’s graveyard to pay respect) with about 15 relatives followed by big lunch (Lot of drinks with it obviously).

IMG_3881 IMG_3874

And I went for 2 days diving at Izu peninsula. First day at Mikomoto (神子元) was bit rough weather but awesome. But I didn’t see much and it was a drift dive so I couldn’t take many photos other than bubbles. Apparently, school of Hammerhead Sharks has been spotted at the site often for last 2 weeks, damn it.

Second day was cancelled due to weather (Typhoon Number 15) and search operation for a missing crayfisher man. Now I have good excuse to go back there again, I can’t wait!

IMG_3919 IMG_3927 IMG_4088

After the diving trip, I went into the endless night life (I felt like) to catch up with as many my friends as possible. Of course with great Japanese foods and Imo Shochu (Japanese vodka made of Sweet potato).

It was awesome trip. I needed whole one week to recover from it though.

I’m proud of you baby!

Soy Bean


Look this little baby pod. It suppose to come out after small white flower, Can you see tiny one nearly on the bottom? I didn’t notice at all till today but there are few following this baby.



 Shungiku - Edible Chrysanthemum


I have tried some Shungiku today and it was mild taste but nice! I found out this one “Edible Chrysanthemum” wasn’t a common Japanese Shungiku but “Garland Chrysanthemum” is, and I have order some. However, taste wise I am happy with this one as well.


Start enjoying total circle of vegitable gardning mainly eating part!

Jazz, Harvest, Cooking and more!

What a nice treat from my share mate! I went to Sydney Opera House for James Morrison “Legends of Jazz Tour” (his shout!) last night. It was great! I haven’t had a decent music concert for quit sometime. Thanks bro!!!


First Harvests

Now, I had a first harvest today. Bok Choy and Komatsuna. hmmmmm fresh!
Some Bok Choy went to my neighbour for a few eggs as exchange. Komatsuna are not ready yet but I needed to thin them out.
Here are some recipes;



Quickly boiled in salted water, rinse with cold running water. Roughly Squeeze water out and mix with Mayonnaise (Japanese one, less sweet), dash of soy sauce and Japanese Rainbow chilli, finish with a sprinkle of shaved dried Bonito.


Bok Choy

Bok Choy

Stir-fry with sesame oil, add a bit of chicken stock, white pepper and garlic salt, finish with corn flour water for thickening.


For the natives!

I have installed a bird nest box and bath for the native birds. To be honest, more for me to increase a shatter chance of the good photos!

Finally, I have succeeded on making bread!!!

This bread idea started from a left over frozen pumpkin soup I made few weeks ago, I wanted to use it somehow and I thought about pumpkin bread, and it came out quite moist(not soggy) and heavy, my friends liked it but I didn’t. I wanted to make fluffy bread! I tried white bread with crushed peanuts last week and it came out the same. I googled few recipe for some idea how, and I couldn’t find much. Only way to find out is to keep trying until get it right. So I tried white bread with sesame this time and came out like this!


Sesami Bread


One method I changed was I didn’t knead the dough between first rise and second rise. I don’t still know if this was the reason but soon find it out. Revenge for a pumpkin bread! It is on first rise now so wait and see!

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