My dry suit



I got my dry suit back from repair (Zipper replacement). It took more than a month but Oceanic Australia sent me a free hat and key ring for the delay, good on you Oceanic!

Anyway I went for a dive today for a trim and weight check, I took my camera but didn’t use much and no-good photo.

I was bit confuse. I was using the Apollo Neoprene Dry Suit for the DSAT Tec Level One course and I needed 5kg weight with near empty twin tank. Today I had same weight and I thought I might be able to lose 1kg because my suit is tri-laminate suit but no, I even need one more kg. mmmhh why???. Even trim has changed which I was expecting. I need to adjust my harness for setting the back plate lower.

I hope this works. I might try on Sunday again so I will be ready for the rest of Tec Deep Course starting next weekend.


1 Response to “My dry suit”

  1. 1 scubagran 31/07/2009 at 1:18 pm

    Well I never, I just typed all this in before, didn’t realise I wasn’t logged in and lost it all!

    Long story short? I’ve found the root of my depression – its been SUGAR all along! after nearly 5 weeks without any (apart from natural intake) I’m about 80% back to my normal self, I’ve not had this much energy since I was a little girl I reckon.

    Trev likes it too – hope your Tec course was a blast for you? Love the suit!! Did you check out the Russell Birdman 2009 on youtube?

    Take care, and whats growing your garden now? mmwwaaahhhhh 🙂

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