NOKIA 1100

NOKIA 1100

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I don’t know why now?!

Most of you already know that my PC has died end of last November, so I had to buy new one then old PC revived just before new one arrived. Then I bought couple of toys (I didn’t have to but I just did it), then my cell phone NOKIA 1100’s back light was on when I woke up at 6am this morning. I set alarm on it every morning and it lights up with alarm when time comes, but there was no sound, no display nothing. I have tried everything I can think of refreshing it. Can’t call, can’t receive a call nothing. I have to buy new one, why now? What’s next?

Anyway I already have ordered one through Vodafone online shop which I could find cheapest new phone in quick. New one is NOKIA 2310 Basic phone, no MP3 player, no camera but calls and text all I need for AU$67 include new SIM card which I don’t need but $10 credit on it that I don’t mind, shipping fee. I think pretty reasonable. It wasn’t too bad damage. Grrr, sorry missed your call. That was the reason. My phone should be arriving tomorrow.

When I come home, my share mate had prepared for dinner, beautiful German dish, mmmmuuuh yummy I love this, I even forgot to take a photo to show you, may be next time.

It was nice day after all!!!!


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